Pediatric and Pregnancy Chiropractic

When many people think about chiropractic they do not often think of it associated with pediatric care or pregnancy care. This is very unfortunate as chiropractic can help correct many issues and help prevent or lessen other issues that may arise in both pregnancy and once the child is born and the care moves to a more pediatric style. It is often said that babies don't have a large amount of trauma do their bodies. I am guessing that this statement was made by people that have never seen a birth or watched a newborn run around and navigate their world. One of the most traumatic, but necessary, things that happens to the upper neck and lower skull is birth.Remember all that force that is on the mother is also on the infants head and neck.This can result in any number of subluxations and muscle spasms and contractions that can lead to a large number of issues like torticollis, muscle weakness, pain, colic, ear infections, and the list goes on. Once the birth is complete you have to remember that the skull has not fused or set in place yet. This can result in a portion of the head being flattened by laying them down. This can be corrected easily with a properly trained chiropractor. Once the child is up and moving around there are going to be lots and lots, and lots and lots of little falls. These falls can start to push the pelvis and the spine out of position just a little bit. These small position changes can easily start to cause problems for baby in health and in function.

As for pregnancy it is very important that a person plan not only with nutrition but with chiropractic. A good pediatric chiropractor will be able to work with you and teach you exercises and stretches to decrease pain and make your pregnancy much more enjoyable. The pain in the hips, low back, pelvis, and even that down the leg sciatica style pain can be lessened if not completely alleviated. Continued chiropractic will keep the pain and problems at bay and can also help greatly with the birthing process.If you have any questions please call the office for a free consultation at 208.991.0352.

Pregnancy Nutrition

Nutrition is critical before during and after pregnancy.  It is important because everything that the child needs for development is coming from or stored inside the mother.  So before conception it is critical that the mother have high stores of fat nutrients which include a wide array of vitamins and minerals and even water and fat.  Minerals such as potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium… are critical to tissue development without them tissue cannot form properly.  Without proper levels of B vitamins namely B6 or folic acid the neural tube that becomes the brain and spinal cord will not form properly. Without Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) or omega 3, 6, and 9 the brain, spinal cord, and nerves as well as many other organs will not be able to form properly.  Once pregnant it is imperative that the nutrients stay high in order to fully allow for not only development of the child but for function of the mothers body.  After birth it is also important to monitor the nutrient intake so that breast feeding will be full of fat and nutrients for the child.  This is also a concern for the mother, if nutrient levels are not kept high then depression and exhaustion will set in.  It is important to remember that nutrients and calories and thus weight do not go together.  In fact proper nutrition and breast feeding will reduce excess weight faster than any other form or post pregnancy dieting.


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