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Andy B


Name: Andy B.

In the mid 90’s stress and an uneven collarbone started my neck pain. I have had tremendous left sided neck pain and shoulder pain for 18 years. I had tried chiropractic, massage, strengthening the muscles and could keep it up till 1 ½ years ago. The pain caused work to become harder to do and my neck was getting worse. My mobility was also decreasing in my legs making stairs a challenge. I feared I was headed towards being in a wheel chair. I met Dr. Yvonne at another office she was working in. Through her chiropractic care and specific massage therapy my neck is better. I am able to handle stairs without problem. Feeling is coming back in my leg, feet and left little finger. I believe in chiropractic. Dr. Yvonne takes a genuine interest in helping me address my issues. The results have exceeded my expectations and given me more enthusiasm for life.   


Name: Debbie G.

I had mid-back pain and low back pain. I had tried medications and other doctors with no luck. I couldn’t do much lifting without pain. I was in a bad mood most of the time. I heard Dr. Yvonne speak at Chyrsalis when she did a Max T3 class at the house. After a few months of care with Dr. Yvonne and Maximized Living I have no pain at all. I have better moods and am a cancer survivor. Ill tell ya, Dr. Yvonne is the best. She has done more for me than all the doctors I have seen. She really has a gift for healing. She prays with me. She is so wonderful. I love her and she is a beautiful child of God.


Name: Karen Tabor

I came in with knee problems for 10 years and pain for 8 years. Also, I had low back pain for most of my adult life and feet pain for 10 years. I tried knee braces and chiropractic adjustments in the past with little help. The pain kept me from walking and playing with my grandkids. I would have to be careful with each step. I met Dr. Yvonne at a health talk she did at my work, Target. Since April I have had great results. Chiropractic has changed and improved my life. I have less knee pain. I have been to 2 chiropractors in the past 20 years on monthly visits. I have gotten more reliable relief from discomfort from Dr. Yvonne and in time I will be even healthier and stronger!

Name: Bruce & Roxy M.

I had neck surgery in 1996 due to terrible neck pain and headaches. Three months after the surgery the pain was at its worst and it never became any better with other spinal adjustments.  I tried many different things to relieve the pain such as having two surgeries, taking over the counter medications, and trying other chiropractic adjustments, non if which helped. This condition has affected my life in many different ways. I used to be a runner and had to quit because the pain was so crippling. I also could not pass the medical test needed to become a pilot, so therefore I could not fly. I was referred to Dr. Yvonne by my daughter. Since I began my visits I have gained my range of motion back in my neck and the pain has reduced.  Dr.Yvonne is very caring, intelligent and professional. She has the ability to evaluate her patients and give them a program to help each individual recover. Thanks you Dr. Yvonne, you truly are the best

Bruce M.

I have had neck pain for the past five years and lower back pain for the last year. I have tried to treat my conditions by taking over the counter medications and seeing other chiropractors. Somedays my condition would make it so I was unable to stand. I would get migraine headaches at least three times a month. I had to give up many things such as horseback riding and yard work. Thanks to Dr. Yvonne and my daughter who referred me to her I have been able to get my old lifestyle back. Dr. Yvonne is a very caring and intelligent when it comes to her work and her patients.   Roxy M.

Name: Sandie W.

In the past I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and planter fasciitis. I ached all over all the time, especially my legs and the bottom of my feet. I would come home from work and almost couldn’t walk. My feet even hurt if I was sitting in a chair and resting them on the floor. My lower back was always sore and would go out for no apparent reason. After 3 months of chiropractic care and dietary changes, my feet rarely hurt, my legs don’t hurt anymore, my back doesn’t go out, and I have more motivation and energy. After 1 week of being on the “Healing Diet” I have lost 5 lbs.

Name: Lydia R.

I never thought I would visit a chiropractor…just the thought of the snap, crackle, pop of joints made me queasy! My neck is healthy with no more locking up, crunching is gone and I feel great. She not only helps straighten out your spine, but believes in complete wellness through teaching the right choices in diet and supplementation. I have learned so much from her…Thank you Dr. Yvonne!

Name: Deanna K.

After suffering with severe back and neck pain for several years, I finally decided to undergo chiropractic treatment with Dr. Yvonne. I felt results from the first adjustment. The neck pain was relieved by the next day and completely gone within a few days.



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